Here are a few testimonials from Timothy’s previous yoga students. Please feel free to add your own by using the comments form below.

Timothy is wonderful: grounded, centered, generous and helpful.

You’re a great instructor!  I also appreciate the individual attention you show us during class; by setting us up properly when we’re out of alignment and by helping each of us relax at the end of class.

Thank you again for a great workshop, and for sharing your palm tree vinyasa class.  I really enjoyed it. You are such an awesome teacher…so approachable, and easy to follow.

Thank you for class. You are a wonderful teacher. Your class is a total gift.

Timothy is a kind, compassionate and “real” person.  He is accessible, generous.  Rooted and buoyant at the same time. He possesses a wonderful combination of serious and centered, with a genuinely integrative practice, and is authentic, thoughtful and playful.

I found Timothy’s introduction to each session to be very meaningful, as he tied the practice to both ancient narratives and modern experience.  Most helpful were his clear guides to both new and familiar poses, and his adjustments to achieve better and easier alignment.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. I’ve had a number of physical challenges, and yet have never injured myself in Timothy’s class. Timothy’s approach is always gentle and systematic. By the end of class I am always incredibly relaxed and sleep like a log. Ooooommmmmmmm.

  2. Tim’s classes are just the right mix of challenge, meditative movement and instruction. I appreciate the way Tim models the poses and then walks around the room helping everyone with correct alignment. Also “Thanks Tim” for the playlists!!!

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